NOCC is the official utility token for the NoCodeClarity ecosystem.
Holders can deploy Clarity smart contracts for free using NoCodeClarity starting in late 2024.

The total allotment for the presale was 100,000,000 NOCC.The total amount of NOCC acquired via the presale was 8,711,749.325.The remaining amount of NOCC from the presale allotment, which was 91,288,250.675, has been BURNED.Click the image of the NEW total supply below to see the tx on the Stacks blockchain.


NOCC TokenomicsPublic allotment is exclusively for DEX liquidity. When you want NOCC, it will be available.Team allotments are released as follows: 0.25% unlocks upon launch, 0.25% unlocks September 2024, 0.25% unlocks December 2024, and 0.25% unlocks March 2025. This equates to 1% of the allotment. The remaining 9% is vested over the course of 4 years, with quarterly releases after a 6-month cliff. We're in it for the long haul.Investors allotments are for investors seeking to show more support for a favorable discount on NOCC tokens. The allotment is released as follows: 6-month cliff, then vested quarterly over 18 months. If you are interested in the Investor path, click here to contact us privately.Presale allotments are for pair liquidity for our launch DEX. 95% goes into DEX liquidity and up to 5% is for unforeseen costs. The first pair will be STX - NOCC on Velar.
We are making plans for a secondary pair to go live in July.

Official Launch Partner

Reserves allotments is exclusively for the NoCodeClarity platform itself.OGs will be airdropped NOCC tokens first as they are the first supporters of NoCodeClarity and LifeTime Pass holders. The entire allotment of this section will be divided between 100 OGs.NCA is short for NoCodeAdvocates. This allotment is for the advocates of NoCodeClarity who wish to support the project on a continuous basis. This may include hackathon support, education, and onboarding new builders into the NoCodeClarity ecosystem. The entire allotment of this section is a quarterly tranche-based airdrop over the course of two years evenly distributed based on the amount of NoCodeAdvocates per quarter. We have identified our first NCAs and we look to onboard a total of 50. DM us on X if you are interested.Social allotments are for those who completed Zealy quests and interacted with this post! We want to invite you to build on Bitcoin without code! The social airdrop will take place in July, during the time of the Bitcoin Builders conference in Nashville, TN.The NOCC Clarity smart contract is available here.

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